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Holiday Spirit Auditions

It's spring! So that means it's time to audition for the Westfield Theatre Group's Christmas show! We will be presenting a great Palmer-Dunk production again this year, bringing back a family favorite, Holiday Spirit. It is written and directed by Kathleen Palmer, with music/musical direction by Marion Dunk.

Auditions will be held at the Westfield Woman's Club on Monday and Tuesday June 11th and 12th, 2018, starting at 6:30 PM for children 9-14. Adult auditions will be held starting at approximately 7:15 PM. There are many male and female roles with plenty of chorus parts available. The role of the holiday spirit has been already cast, with Carol Palmer reprising the role she did so wonderfully when WTG performed the show several years ago.

Anyone auditioning should be prepared to sing about 30 seconds to 3 minutes of a song that displays their vocal ability. There will be no musical accompaniment, so please bring CD or similar accompaniment. Anyone reading for a role will be asked to read from the script. Should anyone wish to get a copy of the script, please contact Kathi at katpalmer@comcast.net


(In order of appearance, well, more or less! Good luck with that! ?)

Lenny: adult, any age; quiet, homeless man with an important task to accomplish, comical moments

Don Hamel: several solos; complicated, humorous on the outside but has personal issues

Wilson Theodore: Any age, duet; “wheeler dealer”, always on the lookout for “the deal of a lifetime.”

Emily Neilson: duet; Wilson’s assistant, probably in love with him (not that he notices)

Jenny: adult, not age specific, several solo lines; homeless woman, friend to Amanda Crane

Mary: adult, not age specific, song with smaller group
Carter: adult, not age specific, song with smaller group
Mike: adult, not age specific, song with smaller group
Beth: adult, not age specific, song with smaller group

Officer Reilly: adult, 30 to 60, duet with Don; town constable, has eyes on Mrs. Goodwin?

Mrs. Goodwin: adult; Town “organizer”, never was a function she wasn’t in charge of, widow

Christopher Goodwin: son of above

Erik: teenage student
Jana: teenage student
Sean: teenage student
Kara: teenage student

Marissa Hamel: Solos and group numbers; teenager struggling with spirit

Cindy: Teen friend of Marissa’s
Ashley: Teen friend of Marissa’s

Amanda Crane: Solo lines and small group numbers; new girl in school, chip on her shoulder, bully

Patty: Amanda’s friend
Kristen: Amanda’s friend

Holiday Spirit: adult female, chipper, energetic, humorous, some solo lines. This role has already been cast.

Matt Hamel: Duet; teenage boy, Marissa’s brother

Carolyn Hamel: Small group songs; adult, wife to DON, old enough to have teenagers

Julie Hamel: The Hamel’s youngest daughter, somewhere around 10

Kimberly Hamel: Duet with Matt; daughter, older than Julie

Mrs. Banks: solo (lullaby); reads story, easily doubled from other role

Lydia: ten to twelve, Child in scene with Mrs. Banks
Jane: child in scene with Mrs. Banks (Can be combined into one role with Lydia or doubled)

Santa Claus: Duet; adult male... Does this really need a description? ?

Daisy: adult female, Santa’s Assistant

Sparkle: Santa’s worker

Mrs. Claus: adult female... again, must we describe? ?

Joe: Homeless Man

Homeless People in Shelter: Ensemble, any number, doubled from other roles, several songs

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