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Time In Westfield - Audition Info

Be a Part of Westfield History!

Come to the Westfield Woman’s Club at 28 Court Street on Sunday, January 13th at 4:00 to find out how community members can be a part of local history by participating in the upcoming musical, Time in Westfield, written by local playwright Kathleen Palmer with music written by Marion Dunk.

The original production is a light-hearted, entertaining presentation on the story of Westfield from its early beginnings in the 1660s up to the present day. The show is sponsored by the Westfield Woman’s Club and is being performed in conjunction with the city wide 350th birthday celebration in May of 2019. It is being produced by Shelley Haber.

The purpose of the January 13th session is to encourage community members to be part of the presentation by providing information about the show, and answering any questions that people may have. In addition to being on stage there are many other ways to assist. All levels of participation are encouraged.

Auditions are scheduled for Wednesday, January 23 at 6:30. There are over 30 roles for adults and 10 roles for children (over 9 years old), not including chorus. Roles are many and varied, covering a wide range of performing ability (some with dialogue, some without, some with singing and so on). Previous experience on stage is not required! Please join us to see how you can be part of this historic, fun event.

Available Roles are listed below:

Time in Westfield: Roles to Cast (the letter A signifies adult and the letter Y is younger)
Tableaus from the 1600s
(A) Male fur trapper – dialogue and sings
(A) Male fur trapper – dialogue and sings
(A) Male fur trapper – dialogue and sings
(A) Thomas (Father) – dialogue
(A) Hannah (Mother ) – dialogue
(Y) John (son, any age) – dialogue
(Y) Child Hannah (daughter, younger than John) – dialogue
(A) Thomas Dewey – dialogue and sings
(A) James Cornish – dialogue and sings
(A) George Phelps – dialogue and sings
(A) Thomas Noble – dialogue and sings

Tableaus from 1700s
(Y) School children, any number – some dialogue and song
(A) Miss Noble (Teacher)– dialogue and sings
(A) Man in Tavern – dialogue
(A) Man in Tavern – dialogue
(A) Waitress in Tavern
(A) Father – dialogue
(A) Mother – dialogue
(Y) Daughter – dialogue
(Y) Younger daughter – dialogue

Tableaus from 1800s
(A) James Philiips – dialogue and sings
(A) Margaret Phillips – dialogue and sings
(A) Gregory Oleksak – dialogue and sings
(A) Diego Calegari- dialogue and sings
(A) Thomas Danek – dialogue and sings
(A) Aurelia Taylor – dialogue
(A) Jekeliel Abbot – dialogue (can read his speech)
(A & Y) Bystanders in the crowd – some lines
(A) Squire Fowler

Tableaus from 1900s
(A) Judge Michael H. Sullivan - dialogue(can read his speech)
(A & Y) Bystanders in the crowd
(A) WWI soldier – dialogue and sings
(A) WWII soldier - dialogue and sings
(A) Soldier from Korean Conflict – dialogue and sings
(A) Vietnam Veteran – dialogue and sings
(A) Persian Gulf veteran – dialogue and sings
(A & Y) Students and alumni to sing the Westfield Fight song – any number, the more the merrier

Chorus – Many voices of all ages are needed for several important numbers.

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