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Director/Show Proposal Process

Are you interested in directing for WTG? We have developed a new preliminary proposal process to help the Board of Directors select shows for our fall and spring productions. Simply fill out the attached "Preliminary Proposal Form" and submit it to us at wtgreading@gmail.com with the subject heading "Preliminary Proposal for [Name of Show]" prior to the deadlines outlined below.

The dates/meetings outlined below are presented as a guideline and may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g., weather, lack of Board quorum, etc.)   Any changes to the schedule below that affect a potential director's presence at a Board meeting will be communicated as early as possible.   


Approximate Deadline for Fall Production

Approximate Deadline for Spring Production

Directors submit Preliminary Proposal form

November 1 of previous year to production

May 1 of previous year of production

Reading committee review



Meet with proposed directors at Board meeting to discuss proposals

January Board Meeting

July Board Meeting

Board of Directors vote

February Board Meeting

August Board Meeting

Preliminary Proposal Form
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